Techni Systems are leaders in offering vehicle mounted mobile air compressor systems. Our success comes from the uniquely engineered technology that integrates the compressor onto the vehicle's engine, electronic control systems and market leading warranty.

Delivering up to a constant 70cfm* and up to 175psi. The Techni Systems VR70 is the most powerful engine mounted belt driven compressor available. You will be faster and more efficient with your Techni VMAC mobile compressed air system.

Techni Systems and VMAC have over 100 years combined collective knowledge, experience and direct vehicle manufacturer relationships to allow us to efficiently provide a superior design, analysis and fully engineered compressor mount and drive solutions. Accurate physical measurement, 3D parametric computer aided design, FEA validation, 3D printing, test fitting, pattern tooling, unique in-house CNC machining. ISO 9001-2015 accredited, our quality system ensures from design, CMM inspection, batch, process control through to delivery we strive to offer the best.

* Vehicle dependant






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Quality Management


Techni Limited is a customer focused organisation, committed to the ownership and continual improvement of its Processes and the Quality System. We have adopted a process approach when developing our quality system, and recognise that process outputs become inputs to follow-on processes. This policy statement and the quality management system were developed following a review process conducted by top management which considered the context of the organisation. We have also recognised risks and opportunities that must be addressed within the agreed context of the organisation, and have developed a risk-based approach to decision making regarding these risks and opportunities.

We constantly monitor our ability to supply products and services that consistently meet customer and applicable requirements, and satisfy this via setting objectives and targeted measures for our core processes, supported by management review and auditing.

We have recognised internal and external influences, and apply the following principles:

  • The need to maximise customer satisfaction and build long term relationships.
  • To only accept contracts for which we have the ability and expertise to satisfy.
  • To operate in an ethical and efficient manner, providing a sufficient return on investment.
  • To provide a suitable and safe working environment, where all employees are considered to perform an important role, and be a member of the team.
  • Provide an environment where employees can maximise their potential, and are encouraged to support and help others.
  • To form long term and mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers.
  • To provide local employment opportunities.
  • To minimise any adverse environmental impact.

The management team provide leadership to create and maintain an environment which encourages the fulfilment of quality objectives which must include those related to customer satisfaction. They have responsibility for ensuring that the quality policy is understood, implemented, and complied with. The Quality Manual defines quality policy and how the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 have been addressed. All personnel are responsible for ensuring that each part of the quality system relevant to them, is operated in accordance with specified requirements. This policy will be issued to all relevant interested parties upon request.

Click here to download a copy of Techni’s ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Training and knowledge are the cornerstones of any successful business. Here at Techni we put development and investment in our employees high on our agenda. This applies to everyone, from the most junior apprentice to the most senior Manager or Director.

We operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace and it is essential that we continue to invest heavily in the training of all our staff. This ensures we have the best candidates to take Techni forward and that we offer everyone a clear path to progress and develop their personal careers.

Techni is an equal opportunities employer. As such at Techni every employee has a ‘hands-on’ role and important part to play in the delivery of a high-quality service to all of our customers. In doing so, everyone is in a position to add value to the company, contribute positively to its continued growth and maintain its respected position within the vehicle conversions industry.

Techni is committed to maintaining free and open communications among its employees in every area of the business and at every level. Discussion, ideas, and suggestions are actively encouraged and regarded as essential to the company’s future, development, and continuous improvement.