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14th June 2019

Techni Systems Lifetime Compressor Warranty on Air Compressors

Techni Systems has announced that all new Techni VMAC Engine Mounted Air Compressor and Compact Systems now qualify for a lifetime warranty on the air end. This means that anyone buying a Techni VMAC Compressed Air System can be assured that at any time during ownership of their compressor, if there is a manufacturer defect, Techni Systems will either fix or replace it.

The warranty applies to all Techni VMAC Engine Driven Air Compressors, and Compact Systems.   

This is a first in the industry and we believe it’s the security that our customers need for their compressed air systems, as we understand these systems are business critical” said Philip Doel, Techni Director.

 “We have world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities and have proven this for many years. It’s time to stand by those capabilities and show our customers that we understand how important their investment is.”

The warranty applies to all new Techni VMAC Engine Mounted Air Compressor and Compact Systems purchased on or after Sept. 1, 2017.



Discover more about the terms and conditions of the lifetime warranty, click here to find out more.

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